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As a 5th grade language arts teacher, I think that I often bring a unique perspective to literature as I am always looking at it with an educator’s eye.  I am constantly thinking about which of my students a book would be a right-fit for, how to incorporate it into writing activities, and what kind of message it sends or discussion it could illicit.  My ultimate goal as a teacher is to cultivate my students’ love of reading and writing so that they may enjoy it and partake in it their whole lives.

In my quest to discover new ideas and share my own ideas about literature and writing with others, I came up with a weekly feature called Teacher Feature.  In the Teacher Feature, I explore ideas, issues and activities relating to the world of language arts and reading from an educator’s perspective.  This page will allow you to easily access all of my Teacher Feature posts that may be of interest to you!

Books for the Reluctant Reader – While I have many students who absolutely love to read, I do have students for whom reading is a challenge.  It is so important to help those children find “just right” books that will engage them and hook them into reading.  This post addresses several books that I have found to be extremely popular with reluctant readers through my work in the classroom.

Seasonal Writing Activities – Halloween Edition – This post includes activities to do with the book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, a fun Halloween story prompt from Margaret Peterson Haddix, and an idea for a spooky word wall.

A Tour of My Classroom Library –  See how my classroom library is set up with book bins, colorful shelves and a comfortable reading corner full of pillows!

Novel Scavenger Hunt – Build excitement for a class novel study by creating a novel scavenger hunt.  Students become detectives and search for clues to help discover the identity of the book.

2 Responses to Teacher Feature

    1. Julie Conley says:

      Thank you for providing reviews on juvenile and YA books! I am a 6th grade LA teacher and even though I am also a book lover, it’s impossible to read every single book that my students are reading. Your reviews give me a preview of books my students are interested in (and books I’M interested in now too… thanks a lot! ;) ). I can’t wait to show my students this blog and turn them on to more authentic ways that readers talk about books. Thank you!

        • Jen says:

          Thanks so much for stopping by, Julie! Your comment made my day :)

          I am so glad that you have found this blog to be helpful. I hear you with the difficulty in reading everything your students are reading AND knowing everything that is out there in the book world for them. As a teacher, there are never enough hours in the day. I am glad you have found some books that you want to read as well. If I could suggest any author, it would definitely be Melina Marchetta. She is fantastic. Also, if you are looking for a book for students who like The Giver, I really enjoyed Matched. It would be a great companion novel, and I suggested it to several of the kids I have in Power of the Pen.

          I would love to hear about some books that were really successful with your 6th graders, as well. I am always looking for new books for my classroom library. Happy Sunday!